New Student Special - 2 weeks unlimited


2 weeks of unlimited classes. Time starts on your first day of class.
(Locals only please)


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What do I need to bring to be prepared for class?

Clothes you can move easily in. If you are new to yoga we have mats and props you can borrow while you decide if this is for you. Once you decide to join us, cause I know that once you start you will love it, you can purchase your own mat if you want to.

+ How hot is the room going to be?

No hot yoga here. Room temperature is kept between 70 and 75 degrees

+ I am not sure which pricing option or class works best for me?

Visit our pricing page and class description page for all the options

+ Should I eat or drink before class?

Totally up to you, but please make sure you are hydrated.

+ Do I need to make a reservation?

It’s preferable, so we can assure a spot for you in the class.

+ Will my class package expire?

Class packages are usually good for 6 months, but because we understand that life happens your unused classes can be rolled over with the purchase of a new package.

+ Why should I get a membership versus getting a class package?

Class packages are great, but if you are planning on practicing more than twice a week a monthly unlimited is for you. We believe our members are the soul of our studio and we try to make sure they feel like family. Our members get %10 off in the store and %10 off workshops.
Even if you sign up online your membership only starts on your first visit.

+ Which classes have music?

At Soul Movement we believe music feeds the soul and we encourage our teachers to make their own playlists. The pace will vary based on the class.

+ How old do I have to be to practice at Soul Movement?

16 + unless the class specifies something else. Such as our kids or teen classes

+ Do you have childcare?

Not yet

+ Do you have gift cards available? How do I purchase them?

Yes! Come directly to the studio or go to this link to purchase a certificate and you will be prompted to print it out.

+ Do you have an introductory special?

Yes we do 2 weeks unlimited for $25 - you can buy it by clicking here.

+ How do I cancel the unlimited monthly autopay?

Just send us an email and we will take care of it. Please note that if the next billing cycle has already started your cancellation will take effect for the next billing cycle.

+ Yikes! I have an injury. Can I still practice at Soul movement?

Absolutely. Make sure you tell your instructor before class and of course if you are concerned, consult with your physician before practicing.

+ Got a bun in the oven?

Excellent news and congratulations! Make sure you tell your instructor before class and of course if you are concerned, consult with your physician before practicing.